Grilled Trout Recipes For Fresh Trout

Grilled Trout Recipes

Grilled Trout Recipes


Grilled Trout Recipes are wonderful way to cook your fresh trout and here we have the best of them.  There are many wonderful reasons to grill your trout.  Some of the best tasting trout is grilled for a wonderful light and flaky fish with the wonderful flavor of the grill.  Of course you will only want to go catch more trout when you taste the recipes we have here!


Before you start with the grilled trout recipes you must first clean your trout.  After cleaning you must prepare your trout for grilling.  You can leave the trout whole or you can fillet your trout depending on the recipe and your preference.  Most of these recipes show you how to put the ingredients inside the trout so you can leave it whole and intact.  However you can do the same thing with two fillets and just sandwich the ingredients between the fillets.  Just be careful on turning your fillets over so the ingredients do not fall out.  Learn how to fillet your trout here for preparing them for grilling.  Make sure if you do prepare fillets just leave the outer skin on for grilling.  This will help hold the fish together until it is ready to eat.


The basics of grilling trout will help you as you prepare for your grilled trout recipes.  You will need some oil to be put on the trout or the grill so the fish doesn’t stick to the grill when cooking.  Some prefer to use aluminum foil to cook it in, and this works well on the grill, over coals or even in a campfire.


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Seasoning your trout before grilling is easy. Just make sure you season it before placing on the grill because it will be too hot otherwise. You will probably want some salt and pepper for your fish as almost all recipes call for it.   If your pepper is freshly ground it tastes so much better.  You can season your fish with anything you prefer but great favorite spices are garlic, parsley, basil, rosemary, thyme, tarragon, sage or dill.  All of these seasonings are better if they are fresh and you can place them on your trout fish either in a sprig or you can chop them up first.


Other seasonings tend to be more on the spicy side.  You can get a great Cajun spice mix to season your trout with and these are delicious and worth getting.  You can also make your own seasoning with spices such as chili powder, cumin, cayenne and paprika.  You don’t have to limit it with just these spices, go ahead and create your own and let us know how it turns out.


Lemon is a natural addition to all seafood including grilled trout.  Now some recipes call for lemon to be cooked with the fish.  This can be done as slices, grated as zest or the favorite around the world, freshly squeezed lemon juice.  If you cook the lemon on your fish it will be amazingly great and enhances the flavor tremendously.  You will want to save some lemon slices for squeezing more over your trout when it is done cooking.


Always remember to grill your trout lightly on both sides until the flesh is white and flaky.  You will want to cook it for 3-4 minutes on each side and no more so the fish will be moist when eating it.  If you overcook your trout it will have a more fishy taste to it and will not be as good, so take care and you will have the tastiest grilled trout in town!


Now on to the Grilled Trout Recipes!

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